Custom Tile Mural Installation

Tile Murals can add such a beauiful focal point to any room. Our custom tile murals are ideal for any Kitchen Backsplash, Countertops, Shower Walls, Floors, Bathrooms or even Bar Backdrops. Both residential and commercial design, we have a custom tile mural that is perfect for your space. Contacts Jacksonville Tile Pro for all your custom tile mural projects.

Our custom tile murals are  perfect for any countertop, backsplash, wall or floor applications. We can create a piece of art from any family photo or hgh resolution photo.

The Bacardi ” Time Line ” painting created by Renowned artist Don Martin and is complete at their Jacksonville Bacardi Martini headquarters. The tile mural shows the family history of the company.

Custom Tile Murals

We can use any high resolution photograph or image and apply it directly to the tile of your choice to make a mosaic mural just for you. For more information on our custom applications, just click on the “contact” tab at the top and let us know what you need!

They also do custom murals to your specification. they can virtually use any high resolution photograph or image and apply it to the tile of your choice. For more information on custom applications, just contact Jacksonville Tile Pro when you get ready to install that beautiful piece of art in your home or office.

Craftsmanship & Customer Service

A decorative Tile Mural can add a much needed focal point to any room. A custom tile mural is ideal for a Kitchen Backsplash, Kitchen Countertops, Shower Walls, Interior Walls, Floors, Bathrooms or even a Bar Backdrop. For both Commercial & Residential applications.

You just chose from the image and we handle the rest. The tile murals are perfect for outdoor use because they will not fade in the harsh sunlight and they can withstand the harsh environments. You can liven up your outdoor patio, grill area, pool, hot tub or so much more.. They can also turn an unattractive wall into a beautiful work of art.

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