Kitchen Tile Installation Service

Why not let us update your kitchen with the latest designs and colors of tile? We install ceramic tile floors to replace that old vinyl or laminate flooring. This adds both value and beauty to your home and makes the kitchen a more inviting gathering place for your friends and family.

A beautiful tile backsplashe can be an exceptional addition to any kitchen. We start out by offering design suggestions for your backsplash to bring out the true inner beauty of your kitchen. We then help you choose from only the best materials to put together a backsplash that everyone will admire.

Let us at Jacksonville Tile Pro transform your kitchen into a vision of art. Our team of experts can do everything from installing tile floors to a beautiful backsplash. Let us help you bring your visions to life. Give us a call today and we will help you renovate your home with tile or stone that will last a lifetime.

When you renovate or upgrade your kitchen don’t forget to include a beautiful kitchen backsplash. By including a kitchen backsplash as a part of the kitchen renovation, you will be adding beauty and elegance to your kitchen. The kitchen is the one special room where the best times are spent with your friends and family from those special dinners to holiday meals. Show off the entire kitchen and not just part of it, from the new floors to countertops and yes a new kitchen tile backsplash.

Licensed And Insured

A custom tile design followed by expert installation will add both beauty and value to any home renovation project. Our expert tile installation team can help choose patterns for both floors and walls. There are endless possibilities for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and all other areas of your home or business.  Let Jacksonville Tile Pro help make your dreams become reality.

What are you looking for in a kitchen tile design? How do you achieve your design goals? Most people have some sort of idea of what they want to see in their new kitchen but can’t quite figure out all the details of the installation process.

Craftsmanship & Customer Service

Our job is to help you with your kitchen tile remodeling choices. We will consult with you on both the design materials and installation process. We help you select the the material to be used and help you to achive your design goals.

Often tile is the main focus of the room adding color and durability and tile contributes that wow factor other materials just wont achieve.

Tile will add that personal touch to your design. Tile can be very beautiful and will help enhance any kitchen. Often tile is the main focus of the room adding color and durability and tile contributes to that wow factor that other materials just wont achieve.