Tiled shower and tub surround

Our Bathroom Tile Installation Service

Let us at Jacksonville Tile Pro transform your bathroom into a work of art. Our team of expert tile installers can do everything from a full shower, tub surround, flooring, to a complete renovation of your bathroom. Let us help you bring your visions to life. Give Jacksonville Tile Pro a call today and we will help you renovate your home with tile or stone that will last a lifetime.

What every home and business owner wants is for their tile contractor to work as if it was their own home they were working on. At Jacksonville Tile Pro we pay close attention to the smallest details. With over 95% of our business coming from customer referrals, quality control isn’t only our motto, it’s our life-line.

At Jacksonville Tile Pro, we work with our customers to create designs for their bathrooms which will suit their individual personality and meet their personal tile installation goals. We take pride in knowing that we have mastered a wide range of materials and techniques. This allows us at Jacksonville Tile Pro to create one of a kind bathrooms that very few contractors can achieve. Let a quality bathroom tile installer help with your next project.

A beautiful tile installation will add the perfect combination of elegance and durability to that dull looking bathroom. Tile floors are a common upgrade in a bathroom to replace the old vinyl flooring. Tile floors have a much better appearance and provide a more comfortbale surface for your bathroom, not to mention the beauty it adds. We also install tile in and around showers and bath tubs. Some of our customers have removed their bath tub and turned it into a custom tile shower. These are beautiful additions to any home and can make your bathroom truly one of a kind.

Let Us Help

What are you looking for in a bathroom tile design? How do you achieve your design goals? Most people have some sort of idea of what they want to see in their new bathroom but can’t quite figure out all the details of the installation process.

Our job is to help you with your bathroom tile remodeling choices. We will consult with you on both the design materials and installation process. We help you select the correct material to be used and help you to achive your design goals.

Custom tile remodel of bathroom
Custom tile shower installation

Craftsmanship & Customer Service

We offer custom tile installation services in just about any pattern you would like, including mosaics and patterns requiring custom tile and stone cutting on site. As part of our tile installation services, we can also fabricate shelves, seats and other custom tile installation features in the field.

We can turn your bathroom into a work of art. Let us rip out the old and replace it with a beautiful tile installation that you will be proud of. You can choose among many types of tile including porcelain, marble, and granite. We can also help you out with those tile repairs. 

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