Our Tile And Grout Repair Services

Our tile and grout repair services. Repairing tile can be a very tedious job. It can be done by the homeowner. But it’s a very messy and dirty job. We can do your repairs in a quick and timely manner, and it will save you the pain and heartache of doing the job yourself. We service both residential and commercial.

In most all cases, damaged tile should be replaced. The big question, Did you save some extra tile from the original installation to make repairs? If you have a common tile, it may possible to buy new pieces, though there may be some slight color or even size variations. We are a Professional tile installation and grout repair company. We specialize in repairing tiles and can make new grout match the old. If you don’t have the spare tile, it’s very possible to lay out a pattern combining some new tile with the old tile to make it look nice and give it that unique look

Common Types Of Damage

Chipped, cracked or broken tile is often created from something being dropped and should be replaced.

Scratched tile should usually be replaced. Most tiles are glazed with glass, that’s what gives them their waterproof qualities. Damage to the glaze puts the tile structure at risk. Deep scratches can also be a cosmetic problem. Often a tile’s coloration is on the surface. Deeper scratches will show the white or red ceramic underneath.

Tile discoloration is very rare. Usually a tile’s color is set during the firing process. If for some reason discoloration happens, replacement is the only option.

What Can I Do About Hollow Tile?

Occasionally, a floor will sound hollow even when it’s well bonded. This occurs when mortar has delaminated from the supporting layer or the subfloor itself is not sufficiently thick, cracked or well attached. It should be closely examined by a professional to ascertain if hollow sounds necessarily imply that the tile is not well bonded. While a tile floor with hollow spots is not ideal, it does not mean that floor failure is imminent. On the contrary, over concrete if there is no deflection in the floor grout and gravity will help to keep the floor in place. Over wood, floor failure is much more likely to occur, movement in the subfloor can cause grout to break away from the tile, causing instability of the tile flooring. Contact us today about our tile and grout repair services.