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Project Management Services

Jacksonville Tile Pro is a flooring installation service provider. From start to finish, a dedicated Project Manager will coordinate your flooring project with the care and attention it deserves. We help protect your interests, by eliminating surprises and headaches, we ensure that your job runs smoothly. As project managers, we take every step to ensure your total satisfaction.

Your project is in good hands with our project managers. We will schedule and coordinate all aspects of your flooring installation. Our project managers are highly skilled and experienced in mobilizing material, manpower and equipment to meet your deadline while minimizing disruption to your life.

It’s easy to make the mistake of underestimating the value of properly installed floor installation. The problem is, that it can can lead to delays and increased costs. We as a qualified flooring contractor can ensure that the installation goes smoothly. We have the project management experience and expertise to help prevent problems.

Properly installed flooring is no easy matter. The construction process dictates that the flooring installation is often one of the last steps taken. If problems exist with any of the earlier steps and put the project behind schedule, the flooring installation can be rushed.

Guess what, that’s the wrong time to try to cut costs by cutting corners. A professional and knowledgeable flooring contractor has the background needed to ensure that flooring is corectly installed in the most time efficient, cost effective manner possible. Project management is a key to avoiding those unforeseen cost and added time during flooring installation.

From objective advice on product selection to overseeing the flooring installation, our dedicated project managers are here to help.

Jacksonville Tile Pro is a knowledgeable, experienced flooring contractor who is with you every step of the way. We see the big picture. The entire installation process. And we handle all the details for you.

1. We pre-walk jobs to understand existing conditions
2. Take off, estimation, and layout
3. Preparation of installers
4. Job site supervision
5. Job walk-through. Verification of installation according to specification
6. Job completion notification

Our professional and knowledgeable project managers take the time to learn every aspect of a project as it pertains to flooring. This helps to ensure a proper installation and that the installation will perform in its environment, and guard against premature flooring issues and increased costs. Our project managers also know how to keep your projects on track and on schedule. Our project managers primary job is to serve as the liaison for installation and scheduling between all involved parties from the design firm to the general contractor. Our project managers are always accessible, always professional, and will always do their best to bring your flooring project in on schedule and on budget.


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