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Ceramic Tile Calculator

Even though most tile stores will accept your returns, you never want to spend more money than needed. Also, having too much tile will just clutter your home with unneeded materials.

Estimating Field Tile

• For every measurement that you determine, round that measurement up to the next foot. For example, if you measured 14 ½ feet, move that measurement up to 15 feet.

• Figure the width of the grout joint in addition to the area of the tile itself. This may seem like “overkill,” but it is surprising how much the area grout joints will eat up. Grout joints do not look very big, but when multiplied hundreds of times over, they do constitute a significant amount of tile real estate.

• Tiles which are pre-mounted on sheets already have grout spacing in them. So just measure the outside dimensions of the entire tile sheet.

• Providing that you have measured and calculated the area correctly, add an additional 10% to that number. For example, if the calculated area is 300 square feet, bump that number up by 10%, resulting in 220 square feet. However, if you are running a diagonal installation, add an additional 15%.

Estimating Trim Tile

Trim pieces are different from the field tile because they represent linear feet, rather than square ft. Measure the trim pieces very carefully, because trim pieces can often be extremely expensive. Measure the length with a measuring tape, and add an additional 15% to the total.


Tile Estimator \ Calculator

Note: Add 10% additional for straight run or additional 15% for diagonal run.

Surface Dimensions



Tile Size


Border Size


Estimator Results

Surface Tiles: Needed
Border Tiles: Needed


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To estimate the number of tiles required for your project with this tile calculator, you must first determine the total square feet of the area that needs to be installed.

You will simply enter the length and width of the area into the above Tile Calculator, along with the size of tile and border tile if any are to be used. 

Add 10% additional for straight run or additional 15% for diagonal run.

The above calculator is provided as a courtesy only.  All results are estimates and are to be used as such. Jacksonville Tile Pro cannot be held responsible nor accountable for information derived from the use of this calculator.


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